We are hard at work prepping for a big Reno that will mean a much more user-friendly and comfortable studio space for EVERYONE!

See below for more details!


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Step 1: 


Walls are coming down and the dust will be flying. Please respect tape, signs, etc! 



Step 2: 


New walls are going up! Again, please respect the tape, signs, etc!  


Step 3: 

Final Touches

Flooring, doors, etc. 

Thank you for your patience!!

Why The Changes??

Our goals at BDC revolve completely around you - our dance family!

The space we have created at BDC is not only a facility to create great dancers, but also to create an experience like no other. 

The changes we make are always a response to the growth and changes we have in our dance family. 

The renovation will mean a few things:

1) A dedicated full retail space so we can stock more of the items you want and need!

2) A better parent experience with ample seating around the closed-circuit television and the coffee bar, now in a new location.

3) A better dancer experience while waiting between classes with Cole's Clubhouse being a better use of space, as well as providing a dedicated area for dancers only!

4) A better flow of traffic. We see each week day the congestion at the front door and the shoe racks. It's the only corridor from the South waiting area and dancer area to Studios A & B... of course it's going to be chaotic!

But we're gonna change that too! With a dedicated hallway for dancers only, we can get from Studio C, the waiting area and cubbies, all the way to Studios A & B without even popping past the front door! Bonus!