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Season-long classes run September to mid-May.

All classes (with the exception of Technique, stretch & core, Acro Prep, and Pre-Pointe) perform in the year-end recital.


Acro *(comp option)

  • A fusion of precise acrobatic movements and classical dance technique that focuses on skills using strength, and flexibility.  Athletic in character with unique choreography blending the dance world seamlessly with acrobatics.

  • Prerequisites for Acro: 7+ years, completed Acro Prep or Placement class, with instructor approval.

  • Classes: Jr Acro, Inter/Sr Acro (placement based on abilities, then age)

Acro Prep

  • A focus on developing the necessary skills, strength and flexibility necessary to perform Acro (ages 7+).


  • Ballet classes follow a hybrid of both the CDTA and RAD syllabi, providing students with a strong technical foundation. Students will benefit from ballet’s incorporation of strength and grace, and will grow and develop into stronger dancers. Ballet is the basis of all dance genres and is strongly recommended for all dancers.

  • Classes offered: Pre-Primary A & B (ages 5-6), Primary (ages 7-8),Pre-Inter (ages 9-10)*, Intermediate (ages 11-13)*, Senior (ages 14+)*


“Shooting Stars", Creative Dance

  • Creative dance is a fun and supportive environment for your little one. These classes provide our youngest dancers with the ability to be creative while learning musicality, spatial awareness, teamwork, and fundamental techniques to further their love of the art. The children have a ton of fun while learning and growing in the classroom.  

  • Age Recommendations: 3-4 years

  • Classes offered: Shooting Stars A, B, C, & D

Hip Hop

  • A fun, stress-free, and enthusiastic class that combines creativity with today’s trends. A great class for any age.

  • Classes offered: Hippity Hoppers (ages 5-6), Junior (ages 7-8), Pre-Inter (ages 9-11)*, Inter (12-14)*, Senior (ages 14+)*


  • Jazz classes follow a hybrid of both CDTA and ADAPT syllabi, which fuse the old and new into one trendy, fun, and creative combo sure to excite your dancer. Using unique choreography, fun steps and combos, and great music, dancers are challenged and continually are learning.

  • Classes offered: Jammin’ Jazzers A & B (ages 5-6), Junior A, B, C (ages 7-8), Pre-Inter A & B (ages 9-10 )*, Inter A & B (ages 11-13)*, Senior (ages 14+)*



  • With a strong technical pull from both ballet and jazz students are given the ability to express themselves. Requires maturity as well as developed classical skill.

  • Classes offered: Inter (8-12)*, Senior (13+)*

Musical Theatre

  • A fun, mix of jazz and song and dance. Dancers interact with the audience and each other in a fun, upbeat, and always entertaining piece!

  • Classes offered: Inter (7-10)*, Senior (11+)*


  • Pointe is a very technical and challenging genre of dance and should be chosen by dancers who have excellent ballet technique, are strong, and have a great ballet foundation. This program is recommended for students over the age of 12, with at least three (3) consecutive years of ballet experience. This is all taken into consideration, but the final recommendations are at the Director’s discretion.
  • Bravo Dance Bravo Dance Co. offers dancers who want to move into pointe the opportunity to begin strengthening their ankles and technique before going up onto pointe and performing with our Pointe class. This class is designed to help those who aren’t quite ready for full pointe work to progress and reach the level needed to participate in the pointe class and to perform on stage. Pre-Pointe does not perform, and therefore, does not require a costume. Pointe will perform at the discretion of the Director.
  • Classes offered: Pre-Pointe/Pointe combo class

Stretch & Strengthen

  • A conditioning class where students work on flexibility, strength, and technique. The core is not only the most important muscle groups, but also one of the most under-worked for dancers. This class is designed to engage the core, and work on flexibility and range of motion for dancers.



  • Following a hybrid of the CDTA and ADAPT syllabi, tappers at Bravo develop strong tap technique while having a ton of fun and of course making noise! Dancers will learn proper terminology for the tap steps and will develop a strong ability to recognize and adapt to music and rhythm.

  • Classes offered: Tippity Tappers (ages 5-6),  Junior (ages 7-8), Pre-Inter (ages 9-10)*, Inter (ages 11-13)*, Senior (ages 14+)*, Adult (18+)


  • A similar class to ballet, working on the foundations of dance in order to build upon technique and skills in the students' other performance classes. * Required for competitive dancers, if not enrolled in a ballet class.

  • Classes offered: Technique A, B, C  (same class, same curriculum)


  • Dancers will learn basic technique and traditional folk dance specific to the various regions of Ukraine. Taught by professional Ukrainian dancers with Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble!

  • Classes offered: Junior (ages 5-6), Pre-Inter (7-9), Inter (ages 8-11)*, Senior (12 +)*, Adult ​


*Please note, all steps will be taken to place students in classes appropriate for their level and age. Schedules released are tentative and may change based on registration. Families will be accommodated to the best of our ability.



Bravo Dance Co. will be offering recreational classes for all genres this season. These classes are designed for the dancer who does not wish to participate in competitions in the spring. With that said, ALL other classes marked above with an (*) WILL BE competitive at the instructor’s discretion. Please see the special notes regarding new policies regarding competitive dancers this season.

** Competitive dancers will not be permitted to perform with their team/group if they have any unexcused absences after January 1st. All absences must be communicated and permitted by the instructor. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld - we just need to know if students will be absent to plan accordingly.

** ALL competitive dancers, with the exception of those who only participate in Hip Hop, will be required to take a ballet class, or a NEW technique class. Ballet is the foundation for all dance, and is fundamental to a dancer's success, especially as we begin to commit to being a competitive team. Technique classes will not perform a dance routine, thus will not require a costume, etc. Technique class is a discounted class, as competition is a financial commitment already, we do not want to impose a burden.


Interest in performing a Solo/Duet/Trio can be expressed at time of registration, but instructors will have the final decision this season. An additional performance is a time and energy commitment, and should be seen as a privilege. In order to be eligible students must be enrolled in a group class in the same genre as the preferred solo/duet. This allows technique to be strengthened in class time while the solo/duet class times are used solely for choreography and cleaning.

Families will be contacted in September/early October if BDC staff wish to have their child perform a solo/duet. After this, a rehearsal schedule will be organized. Students will get eight (8) – 45 minute classes for each solo/duet. Solo/Duet/Trio fees will be charged at this time.

*There are a limited number of spots available for this program and they tend to fill very quickly


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