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Bravo Dance Co. will be offering recreational classes for all genres this season. These classes are designed for the dancer who does not wish to participate in competitions in the spring. With that said, ALL other classes marked above with an (*) WILL BE competitive at the instructor’s discretion. Please see the special notes regarding new policies regarding competitive dancers this season.

** Competitive dancers will not be permitted to perform with their team/group if they have any unexcused absences after January 1st. All absences must be communicated and permitted by the instructor. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld - we just need to know if students will be absent to plan accordingly.

** ALL competitive dancers, with the exception of those who only participate in Hip Hop, will be required to take a ballet class, or a NEW technique class. Ballet is the foundation for all dance, and is fundamental to a dancer's success, especially as we begin to commit to being a competitive team. Technique classes will not perform a dance routine, thus will not require a costume, etc. Technique class is a discounted class, as competition is a financial commitment already, we do not want to impose a burden.

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