Season-long classes run September through May and follow school holidays and breaks. 


These include performance, foundational, and competitive dance classes.

Our 2021/2022 Dance Season information is below!

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Changes to the 2021/2022 Season

Class Naming & Identification Class names have had an overhaul to better reflect the specific skill level intended for the class. Not only does this provide a superior class experience for students, but it also results in more progress and growth throughout the dance season. Competitive Plus (C+) There are specific classes designated for Competitive+ dancers. Students will be permitted to join these classes based on Director and Instructor approval. Should a class have the very real potential this season to attend a higher-calibre competition as per the objectives for our C+ program, but is listed as a Competitive (C) class only, the Instructor and Directors may approach said class families and provide them the opportunity to compete at a higher level. Exams Exams have been planned for quite some time, but the events of 2020 and 2021 delayed this. The 2021/2022 season will see Ballet Exams start at the commencement of the season, with hopes to begin Jazz, Tap, and Acro exams throughout the season. Exams will be optional for students, but highly encouraged. Costume Flat Rate With the ever-changing world of sourcing costumes for dancers, BDC will be adopting the very popular and practical practice of charging a flat rate for costumes. These fees will include all costume costs, so there will be no unexpected costs later in the year. The rate for costumes will vary depending on the level of the class.

Class Identification System

Classes for the 2021/2022 Season

Class Level Determination

The schedule is tentative, and is subject to change, additions, and deletions based on registration levels. *Please note, age is not the determining factor for class placement. A chart describing class levels is available on the page following the class list. Class placement is important in order to provide a superior class experience for students, but it also results in more progress and growth throughout the dance season. It is a decision based on a number of factors, including skill level, willingness to learn, teamwork, motivation, listening skills, etc. All efforts will be made to correctly place a student at time of registration, but changes may be made once classes begin.

Solo/Duet Program

An additional performance is a time and energy commitment, and should be seen as a privilege. In order to be eligible students must be enrolled in a group class in the same genre as the preferred solo/duet. This allows technique to be strengthened in class time while the solo/duet class times are used solely for choreography and cleaning. Students will get eight (8) – classes for each solo/duet: four (4) - 45 minute sessions to learn the routine, and four (4) - 30 minute sessions to rehearse and clean. *There are a limited number of spots available for this program and they tend to fill very quickly Solo: $300 Duet: $160 per dancer Trio or small group: $110 per dancer Costume fees are not charged at time of registration for solos/duets/trio/small groups, as the instructor will determine what costume each dancer will use at a later time, some of which may be second-hand or sourced by the dancer/family themselves. HOW TO SIGN UP FOR A SOLO/DUET/TRIO/SMALL GROUP Intent to perform a Solo/Duet/Trio should be expressed at time of registration by selecting the Solo, Duet, Trio, or Small Group option. Instructors and Senior Team Members of BDC will have the final decision once the dance season begins. Families will be contacted in late September/early October if your child has been selected to perform a solo/duet/trio/small group. Approval is not unreasonably withheld. Solo/Duet/Trio fees will be charged at this time. After this, a rehearsal schedule will be organized. COMPETITIVE (C) VS COMPETITIVE PLUS (C+) SOLOS/DUETS/TRIOS/SMALL GROUPS The same policies regarding groups that are Competitive or Competitive+ apply to solos/duets. The foundations of a dancer’s skills and technique are undeniably important in their success and enjoyment of being a competitive dancer. All selected dancers will be given the opportunity to sign up for the competitions they wish to compete in once selections are complete. * (C+) solos/duets ARE ABLE to compete in any competition, they are not limited to (C+) competitions only.

Tuition & Fees

REGISTRATION FEE At time of registration, all students will be charged a $25 registration fee for the first child in a family, and $20 for the second. Any subsequent students will not be charged a registration fee. CLASS TUITION Bravo Dance Co. is excited to be again offering our Multiple Class Discount to families with eager dancers. Dance is a great way to meet people, express yourself, and have a lot of fun! And what is even better is getting to do more of what you love at a discounted fee! This is how it works: First class @ full price Second class @ 5% off Third Class @ 10% off Fourth Class @ 15% off ... and so on *Not shareeble to family members - based on one individual. Not applicable to solo/duet/trio/recreational classes. COSTUMES With the ever-changing world of sourcing costumes for dancers, BDC will be adopting the very popular and practical practice of charging a flat rate for costumes. These fees will include all costume costs, so there will be no unexpected costs later in the year. The rate for costumes will vary depending on the level of the class. At the time of registration, 50% of the costume flat rate fee will be charged. The remaining 50% will be due January 1st. Costume flat rate fees are as follows: 30 minute class: $80.00 45 minute class: $100.00 60 minute class: $110.00 75 minute class: $110.00 *Some exceptions may apply as a result of costume decisions by the team at BDC. Should this happen, your account will receive a credit. Costumes will not be more than the flat rate fee. COMPETITIONS Competition is also an additional cost to families. Typically fees average $40 per dancer, per dance for competitions. This of course varies by competition and year. If you have any questions regarding competition, please don’t hesitate to ask! PAYMENT OPTIONS Tuition can be paid in full (automatic 5% discount) or in two or nine instalments. PAID IN FULL Paid before classes begin in September. Automatic 5% discount! TWO INSTALMENTS Dated September 15 and January 15. NINE (9) INSTALMENTS Dated for the first of each month, September 1 through May 1. If you are choosing to pay in two or nine instalments, you will be required to provide one of the following before the first day of dance classes: Pre-Authorized Debit Form (funds withdrawn from bank account automatically) Available on our website and parent portal. Completed forms should be emailed or mailed. Pre-Authorized Credit Card Form (credit card will automatically be charged) Available on our website and parent portal. Completed forms should be emailed or mailed. Post-Dated Cheques ahould be mailed to our office. Cash, Debit, Credit Card insert/swipe, or eTransfer allowed only for any tuition paid in full. TUITION & FEES POLICIES As a result of the issues caused by NSF and late payments, Bravo Dance Co. has policies regarding NSF and late payments. Please read carefully. Any cheques that are returned NSF (or other reason) will be charged a $25.00 fee and a replacement payment including the fee must be provided within five (5) business days. Late fees will be applied for any payments past five (5) business days late. After no payment for five (5) business days, outstanding payments will be charged a 5% late fee per business day. After ten (10) business days of late charges, all services will be ceased until payment is made. * Tuition listed includes GST. FORWARD PAYMENTS You may choose to make “forward” payments up until December 31st. These payments will be additional funds put into your account to be applied to costume or competition invoices in January. You may choose to provide post-dated cheques, a Pre-Authorized Debit Form, or a Pre-Authorized Credit Card Form to have these payments go through. * For example: your monthly tuition = $50. You can choose to pay $57 per month until Dec 31st, which would result in a credit of $28 in your account to be applied to costumes!

Dress Code


BALLET EXAMS Ballet exam work will begin this season. More information will become available as we approach the season start date. Exam classes will be in addition to weekly classes, and will take place on Saturday mornings.

Recital "Option"

PERFORMANCE* (P*) CLASSES At Bravo Dance Co. a lot of hard work goes into putting on a state of the art recital show held at TCU Place in Saskatoon. This is a fabulous event, but for some of our youngest dancers, we realize it can be a long day and a little more than your family is looking for when registering for a dance class. This is why we give our youngest classes the Recital Option. Classes identified with a (P*) have this recital option. At time of registration, you will have two classes to choose from. You’ll notice they are the same day/time, but one is labelled “Recital” and the other is labelled “Non-Recital”. In order to make an educated decision, heres some info regarding how recital is run and what you can expect: - By choosing NO to recital, your dancer will not receive a costume, will not participate in class photos, and will not perform on stage. The dancer will still learn the same dance routine in class but be placed in a spot that will allow the routine to be performed both with them and without them. In order to have the opportunity to show off their routine to the parents, we will have a Showcase Week near the end of the season where the parents of these non-recital dancers will have the opportunity to observe their performance in the classroom setting. - By choosing YES to recital, your dancer will receive a costume, will participate in class photos, and will perform on stage for recital. Here is what you can expect for recital: Held the second Sunday of May, we do a dress rehearsal and recital in the same day to limit the craziness to just one day! Some dancers have to be at the venue by 9am. We wrap rehearsal by about 12:30pm, but once your dancer has practiced on stage they are free to go! Dancers should be back at the venue for approximately 2pm, for the show to begin at 2:30pm. The show and awards is usually done around 5pm. Volunteers are backstage in the dressing rooms along with movies, games, crafts, etc as all dancers should remain in their change rooms for the duration of the show. Volunteers are usually at a minimum ratio of 1 helper to 10 children depending on the age of the child. We use volunteers to limit the number of parents in the change rooms. You would be surprised at how independent your child can be! Wristbands are available if your child needs help with a change of costume or hair during the recital show.

Yearly Schedule 2021/2022


CLASS PLACEMENT At Bravo Dance Co. we are dedicated to our dancers and their experience in our classes. Students come to dance to learn, grow, interact, and most of all have fun. Our studio takes class placements seriously to ensure each child is placed in a class that is appropriate for their dance ability, their age, and their maturity level. The first month is the most crucial time for deciding whether or not students should change class levels. When a change needs to be made, the Director and/or Instructor will be in contact with the family. We welcome your concerns and appreciate each individual’s view. With this said, all changes will be at the discretion of the Director. IMPORTANT STUDIO EVENTS (RECITAL, REHEARSAL, PHOTOS) The important dates that all dancers are required to attend are available before the time of registration. It is expected that you make a note of these dates and commit your dancer to being present. Bravo Dance Co. and our dancers looks forward to the year-end recital which is an opportunity to showcase all the students’ hard work throughout the year. Parents will be provided with all the necessary information in the months prior to the show. The year-end recital, as well as the rehearsal earlier that day are events all dancers are expected to attend. Photos are also a studio event that all dancers are required to be in attendance for. Sufficient notice must be given for any circumstances that may lead to a student being absent. CELL PHONES Cell phone use will not be tolerated at all during class time. However, cell phones may be used to video record choreography to review at home to facilitate practicing. The inappropriate use of cell phones in the BDC facility will be dealt with very seriously. NON-COMPETE All dancers on Bravo Dance Co.’s Competition or Competition+ teams are not permitted to compete with any other dance studio/school/team unless written permission is granted from the Studio Director. ATTENDANCE Because dance class is largely a group activity, attendance is crucial to the group’s success and development. Dancers are expected to be committed to their group and their dance and in that, should be at all possible dance classes. If a student is unable to attend class, the studio MUST be made aware. A text, phone call, or email is the best way to communicate an absence. It is also encouraged that students who are not fit to dance due to injury or minor illness, may come to sit and watch classes where the group is learning choreography or is cleaning the dance. If attendance becomes an issue in any class, parents will be notified. Competitive(C) and Competitive+ (C+) dancers will not be permitted to participate in their routines if they have unexcused absences after January 1, 2022. An excusal for an absence will not be unreasonably withheld, but must be confirmed with the Studio or Artistic Director. VIDEOS, MUSIC, CHOREOGRAPHY USE All videos, cut music, and choreography is the intellectual property of Bravo Dance Co. and its instructors and contractors. No videos, music, or choreo shall be shared with a third party. Permission to perform BDC choreography must be requested and provided if used for a third party activity, show, production, etc. COMPETITIVE & COMPETITIVE+ POLICIES ** Competitive dancers will not be permitted to perform with their team if they have unexcused absences after January 1st. All absences must be communicated and permitted by the instructor. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld - we just need to know if students will be absent to plan accordingly. ** ALL competitive dancers, with the exception of those who only participate in Hip Hop, will be required to take a Ballet class, or a Technique class. Ballet is the foundation for all dance, and is fundamental to a dancer's success, especially as we begin to commit to being a competitive team. Technique classes will not perform a dance routine, thus will not require a costume, etc. REFUNDS BDC offers flexible payment options - paid in full, two instalments, or nine instalments. Much like buying a car, you can choose to finance this purchase over the term, paying in smaller instalments over a time period. This is exactly how our two or nine instalment payment options work here at BDC. Registering for a season-long class commits your child to their team from Sept-May, our payment plans simply help make it easier for families to fit dance into their budgets. By choosing to pay in instalments, does not mean you are able to cancel a class at any time with no consequence. Those who choose instalments must understand and agree to this refund policy, also signed off on upon registering online. Bravo Dance Co. offers a 100% money back guarantee or cancellation of fees promised to be paid (minus registration fee) at any time before the start of dance classes for the season. A 50% refund or cancellation of fees promised to be paid will be granted if your child decides to stop dance class in the first 30 days from the first day of classes at the studio (minus registration fee). Injury, illness, relocation, etc. will be considered on a case-by-case basis for any cancellation after this point. Costume Deposits are non-refundable after October 15th. Refunds refer to money paid or money promised to be paid (including two instalments, or nine instalments). There is a lot of work that goes in to organizing our groups at every point in the dance season (we begin measuring and ordering costumes at the beginning of October!). We appreciate your consideration to the cancellation and refund policy for this reason. Those not wishing to participate in the season-long classes and performance are encouraged to explore our recreational classes that run for shorter sessions. BEHAVIOUR No bullying, verbal abuse, violence, or unnecessary disruptions will be tolerated. Students who are acting in this way will be asked to leave the class immediately. This is a positive and supportive environment for all students. Any continued poor behaviour will result in the student being withdrawn from Bravo Dance Co. permanently. PARENTS Parents are a huge asset to our studio and make possible all that we are able to accomplish in a year. With that said, parents are asked to not stay in the classroom during their child’s class time. This can be distracting and will hurt the child’s dance experience. Parents are welcome to stay for the first week or two of classes, then are asked to wait outside in the designated area. Bravo Dance Co. loves to show our parents what we have been up to in class, so you will not want to miss out on the parent viewing days the first week of December. CANCELLED CLASSES Classes may be cancelled due to illness, weather conditions, etc. If this is the case, families will be given as much warning as possible. These announcements will be on our Facebook page, sent via email, as well as by text message. All classes have one class factored in as a cancelation. Any others on top of this will be rescheduled. This make-up date will be communicated to families ASAP. If your child is unable to attend class, Bravo Dance Co. is in no way responsible for refunding this lost class time. FUNDRAISING Fundraising is an optional activity for our dance families. The money raised goes straight back to your dancer and can be put towards costumes, competition fees, recital tickets, and recital DVDs. More correspondence will be sent out in the first weeks of dance and will run over Thanksgiving. Fundraising is 100% an individual choice and all money raised goes back to your dancer. We will be offering a few different fundraising opportunities throughout the season to help with costs.