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Season-long Classes




At Bravo Dance Co. we are dedicated to our dancers and their experience in our classes. Students come to dance to learn, grow, interact, and most of all have fun. Our studio takes class placements seriously to ensure each child is placed in a class that is appropriate for their dance ability, their age, and their maturity level.

The first month is the most crucial time for deciding whether or not students should change class levels. When a change needs to be made, the Director and/or Instructor will be in contact with the family. We welcome your concerns and appreciate each individual’s view. With this said, all changes will be at the discretion of the Director.


The important dates that all dancers are required to attend are available before the time of registration. It is expected that you make a note of these dates and commit your dancer to being present. Bravo Dance Co. and our dancers looks forward to the year-end recital which is an opportunity to showcase all the students’ hard work throughout the year. Parents will be provided with all the necessary information in the months prior to the show. The year-end recital, as well as the rehearsal earlier that day are events all dancers are expected to attend. Photos are also a studio event that all dancers are required to be in attendance for. Sufficient notice must be given for any circumstances that may lead to a student being absent.


Cell phone use will not be tolerated at all during class time. However, cell phones may be used to video record choreography to review at home to facilitate practicing. The inappropriate use of cell phones in the BDC facility will be dealt with very seriously.



All dancers on Bravo Dance Co.’s Competition or Competition+ teams are not permitted to compete with any other dance studio/school/team unless written permission is granted from the Studio Director.



Because dance class is largely a group activity, attendance is crucial to the group’s success and development. Dancers are expected to be committed to their group and their dance and in that, should be at all possible dance classes. If a student is unable to attend class, the studio MUST be made aware. A text, phone call, or email is the best way to communicate an absence. It is also encouraged that students who are not fit to dance due to injury or minor illness, may come to sit and watch classes where the group is learning choreography or is cleaning the dance.

If attendance becomes an issue in any class, parents will be notified. Competitive(C) and Competitive+ (C+) dancers will not be permitted to participate in their routines if they have unexcused absences after January 1, 2022. An excusal for an absence will not be unreasonably withheld, but must be confirmed with the Studio or Artistic Director.


All videos, cut music, and choreography is the intellectual property of Bravo Dance Co. and its instructors and contractors. No videos, music, or choreo shall be shared with a third party. Permission to perform BDC choreography must be requested and provided if used for a third party activity, show, production, etc.


** Competitive dancers will not be permitted to perform with their team if they have unexcused absences after January 1st. All absences must be communicated and permitted by the instructor. Permission will not be unreasonably withheld - we just need to know if students will be absent to plan accordingly.

** ALL competitive dancers, with the exception of those who only participate in Hip Hop, will be required to take a Ballet class, or a Technique class. Ballet is the foundation for all dance, and is fundamental to a dancer's success, especially as we begin to commit to being a competitive team. Technique classes will not perform a dance routine, thus will not require a costume, etc.



BDC offers flexible payment options - paid in full, two instalments, or nine instalments. 

Much like buying a car, you can choose to finance this purchase over the term, paying in smaller instalments over a time period. This is exactly how our two or nine instalment payment options work here at BDC. 

Registering for a season-long class commits your child to their team from Sept-May, our payment plans simply help make it easier for families to fit dance into their budgets. By choosing to pay in instalments, does not mean you are able to cancel a class at any time with no consequence. Those who choose instalments must understand and agree to this refund policy, also signed off on upon registering online. 

Bravo Dance Co. offers a 100% money back guarantee  or cancellation of fees promised to be paid (minus registration fee) at any time before the start of dance classes for the season. A 50% refund or cancellation of fees promised to be paid will be granted if your child decides to stop dance class in the first 30 days from the first day of classes at the studio (minus registration fee). Injury, illness, relocation, etc. will be considered on a case-by-case basis for any cancellation after this point. Costume Deposits are non-refundable after October 15th. 

Refunds refer to money paid or money promised to be paid (including two instalments, or nine instalments).

There is a lot of work that goes in to organizing our groups at every point in the dance season (we begin measuring and ordering costumes at the beginning of October!). We appreciate your consideration to the cancellation and refund policy for this reason. Those not wishing to participate in the season-long classes and performance are encouraged to explore our recreational classes that run for shorter sessions.



No bullying, verbal abuse, violence, or unnecessary disruptions will be tolerated. Students who are acting in this way will be asked to leave the class immediately. This is a positive and supportive environment for all students. Any continued poor behaviour will result in the student being withdrawn from Bravo Dance Co. permanently.



Parents are a huge asset to our studio and make possible all that we are able to accomplish in a year. With that said, parents are asked to not stay in the classroom during their child’s class time. This can be distracting and will hurt the child’s dance experience. Parents are welcome to stay for the first week or two of classes, then are asked to wait outside in the designated area. Bravo Dance Co. loves to show our parents what we have been up to in class, so you will not want to miss out on the parent viewing days the first week of December. 



Classes may be cancelled due to illness, weather conditions, etc. If this is the case, families will be given as much warning as possible. These announcements will be on our Facebook page, sent via email, as well as by text message. All classes have one class factored in as a cancelation. Any others on top of this will be rescheduled. This make-up date will be communicated to families ASAP. If your child is unable to attend class, Bravo Dance Co. is in no way responsible for refunding this lost class time.



Fundraising is an optional activity for our dance families. The money raised goes straight back to your dancer and can be put towards costumes, competition fees, recital tickets, and recital DVDs. More correspondence will be sent out in the first weeks of dance and will run over Thanksgiving. Fundraising is 100% an individual choice and all money raised goes back to your dancer. We will be offering a few different fundraising opportunities throughout the season to help with costs.


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