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Your child’s first dance class should be a magical experience, and we can’t wait to make sure that it is. Young children naturally respond to music and movement and every child benefits from exposure to the arts. Watch your little one’s eyes light up as they walk out on to the dance floor for the first time. Nurturing teachers will guide your child as they learn body control, alignment, posture, and correct dance positioning. The life lessons that are taught in the studio go far beyond just dance steps. Your child will learn confidence, self-control, teamwork, and focus. From taking turns, to encouraging their classmates – the social interactions in dance class will help your child find success in all areas of life.

Our First Steps program is designed for ages 1-7 years old, with varied levels to meet your child’s needs. Classes are available in creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, pom, and hip hop. We offer recommendations for age groups for classes, but we know that each child is an individual. If you have any questions about the best fit for your child, we’d love to chat and help you find the perfect class. When your child is ready to dance, we are ready for them.

Here is some more information about our First Step Class Offerings:

Shooting Stars (ages 3-4)

This is where your little dancer learns to love dance! Pre-Ballet class focuses on developing proper ballet technique and is specifically for our younger dancers. This class will be a introduction to ballet with an emphasis on classical terminology and technique. This class will instil a love for classical ballet in our young dancers in a creative, fun, and supportive environment. 


Pre-Acro (ages 5-7)

This class is always a favourite! Bending and stretching and using our big strong muscles, paired with basic dance technique - this class has got it all. Dancers are taught by certified Acro instructors who understand the importance of safe and careful training for young developing bodies.

Pre-Ballet (ages 4-7)

This is an introductory ballet class that focuses on developing proper ballet technique while instilling a love of dance and movement. Music and ballet terminology, spatial awareness, body awareness, and more - they are all foundations in our Shooting Stars class! Your child will work with experienced and passionate instructors who understand the importance of developing a love of movement and play at a young age.

Pre-Jazz (ages 4-7)

Fun and high energy, this introductory class teaches students the basics of jazz along with the foundations of dance. this fast-paced class keeps the kiddos moving and learning! A welcoming and supportive environment encourages teamwork, creativity, and a love of dance. 

Pre-Hip Hop (ages 5-7)

This is a basic introduction to the fun and energetic styles of hip hop for our youngest dancers. More athletic style movement and a faster pace in class will keep these kids moving! Basics of hip hop such as isolations, syncopated movement, ground work, and musicality will be explored in this class. All music and movement is designed to be appropriate for the younger age group. 

Pre-Pom (ages 4-6)

Shake your pom-poms and let's hear your cheer - There's so much fun to be had here! Fun and energetic classes will leave your dancer beaming! Based in jazz dance, pom combines cheer and dance into a fun routine filled with show-stopping moves, precise arms, and bright smiles. *This class will attend two local competitions.

Pre-Tap (ages 5-7)

Precise movements, syncopation, and musicality are the basis for tap, and your dancer is sure to cover it all in their Pre-Tap class. Experienced instructors help to provide a nurturing environment to foster growth and learning for all.

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