September 7-11: First Week of Classes!

October 26-30: Spirit Week (watch for signs and social media posts!)

December 14-18: PJ Week!

December 19- January 3: No Regular Dance Classes

January 4: Regular Classes Resume

February 8-12: PJ week!

February 13-21: No Dance Classes

March 12-14: Photos 

April 2-11: No Dance Classes

May 1-2: Sleepover (ages 8+)

May 3-7: Showcase Week (for non-recital dancers in P* classes)

May 7: Solo/Duet Showcase

May 9: Dress Rehearsal & Year-End Recital



  • Please note, family is big for us. We do plan various family fun nights during the regular season. We will also be doing a sleepover for comp age kiddos the weekend before recital. More details to be announced. It is encouraged to attend these events!

Fun Nights for the 2020/2021 Season:

October 24

December 5

February 13



Now trust me. I, more than anyone else, want this year to move forward in as normal a capacity as possible, and would never knowingly put you in a position to purchase costumes you won't use and pay for a competition you won't attend.


The fact that the organizers had little to no time to organize any other option last year is why we saw cancellations. This year, having a whole year to prepare, organizers have many options to move forward with something for the dancers. 


Below is a brief run-down of what information we have for competitions this season. This year has been one heck of a year - for everyone, regardless of what you do or where you are! This also means that moving forward, things are going to continue to look a little bit different. Keep this in mind with the following information.



Competitive and Competitive+ Modern Routines:

  • Glam Dance Regina (C): March 25-28

  • Spring Stars Saskatoon (C): April 13-17

  • The Performer Saskatoon (C+): April 28-May 2

  • Candance Regina (C+): April 22-25

A few of the C and C+ events have put out the following as what we can expect for competitions. They are preparing for one of the following and will know more, the closer we get.


Option 1: Full virtual competitions. This will mean we will submit a video of the routine to be adjudicated and marked.


Options 2: Audience-less or limited audience. We will perform on stage but there will be either no audience, or a limited audience.


Option 3: Time-Blocking. This means that all of BDC's routines will be performing during a three hour block. This would mean there would be no interaction between studios, limiting potential spread as well as the number of people in attendance. 


Option 4: Competition as usual, but based on limitations, we likely won't see this.


All options will still have your dancers scored and placed just as in past years.



Competitive Ukrainian Routines:

  • Tavria Ukrainian Dance Festival Regina (C): March 12-14

  • PFE Ukrainian Dance Showcase Saskatoon: April 22-25 

We have not received any indication of which direction the Ukrainian competitions are leaning, but we assume the options are similar to the above.


Competitive Pom Routines:

  • Canwest Series 3 One and Done: March 12

  • Canwest Semi-Final Series 4 One and Done: March 26

The Pom Competitions have already stated all events will be virtual. The dates above are the virtual submission date. They have developed an online system that will record a single performance and accept it as your entry. This is different than other virtual submission platforms where you have the ability to do as many takes as you need until satisfied. This means the dancers still have the same feeling of urgency to perform their routine as they know they can on their first go! The submission date and the streaming date will be different. Streaming dates have not been announced yet.


Pom also has the unique ability to be entered in our usual Dance Competitions in the “Open” category. Should we receive feedback from parents that they wish to at least have the potential to perform on stage, we will entertain the idea of doing the Spring Stars Saskatoon Dance Competition in place of or in addition to the above listed Pom Virtual Competitions. 



This is what we know at this moment. As the month continues and registration dates get closer we will learn more about what this season may look like. If there are any significant changes we will, absolutely, be in touch!


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