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The Amazing Benefits of Dance

February 2, 2016

For the physical fitness - the posture - the discipline - the friendships.


There are so many different reasons for every child to learn to dance- many of which are hidden advantages! During the formative years, all children are just like sponges, absorbing everything around them.


Below is a list of just 10 reasons children should learn dance.


1. Promotes Self-Esteem. One of the things that dance does is promotes self-esteem. Teachers encourage their students through promoting expression, smiling, and relfection. Dancers are able to express themselves through their movements. Additionally, dancers are continually given positive feedback and encouragement and they begin to believe in themselves and appreciate all their body can do for them.

2. Teaches Discipline. Dance teaches children discipline through regular practices and rehearsals, listening to their teacher, and meticulously learning steps and choreography. Children who take dance classes learn to control their energy in their body through technique training as well.

3. Multisensory Deveopment. Dance class teaches children to be aware of physical, visual, sensory, and audible cues. It teaches rhythm, spacial awareness, and the ability to control their bodies in intricate ways. 

4. Promotes Sociall Skills, Fosters Friendship, and Encourages Teamwork. Dancing is more often than not a team sport. It involves forming close relationships with classmates. It is also exceptional when it comes to developing the skills to appropriately communicate and interract with the other students, their teachers, and other parents.

5. Promotes a Fun, Wholesome Activity. Often children get involved with the wrong things because they are bored, or are not dedicated to a healthy and beneficial activity such as dance. Having something to look forward to helps children identify their purpose in life. Dance students are often hghly motivated and are able to identify who they are. In addition, dance is a wonderfully entertaining activity that keeps children busy and doing something worthwhile!

6. Promotes Physical Fitness. With more children becoming overweight, dance is an excellent way for them to get their recommended minutes of physical fitness. Not only is it while doing an activity that is fun and motivating, but they also get to participate with friends, and learn to express themselves all at the same time!

7. Builds Focus and Concentration. Dance requires concentration and determination in order to get moves right, to remember choreography, and to perform beautifully. This concentration translates into all others areas of a child's life including school.
8. Buids Good Posture. Dance is great for building muscles and developing good posture. This is something that has lifelong benefits for the individual.

9. Develops Awareness, Physical Sense, and Kinesthetic Intelligence. Children are able to connect to their bodies and their movements while taking dance class. Children are also able to realize the potential their bodies hold.

10. Dance Class is Fun! The most important on the list!


Now it's your turn! Try out dance class, and see the benefits for yourself!