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Start Each Day With a Grateful Heart

April 19, 2016

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to get to know our new dance families, and fellow families in Martensville and area! We love hearing from you all and can't wait to finally meet you at the open house events, registration on May 15, or the dance camps in July!


Miss Meagan just finished a jam-packed weekend leaving her feeling overcome with gratitude and thanks! As one of the choreographers for Miss Teenage Canada pageants, Miss Meagan once again had the opportunity to choreograph, mentor, and get to know 18 beautiful young ladies from across Saskatchewan. Opportunity, growth, and experience- that’s what makes this all worthwhile!


Not only is dance what Bravo Dance Co. is all about, but we also care so much about the people we call friends, family, students, and those we simply associate with. The goal at BDC is to provide opportunity to students and families. In order to this, we all need to be challenged!  When we stop being challenged, we stop growing and developing. We stop pushing ourselves, and we never excel any farther- and this is applicable in all areas of our lives! You never know how far you can go, what you are capable of, or just how close to success you are if you stand still.


At BDC, the staff believes in always challenging students, allowing them to see their potential and be grateful for the amazing opportunities that will come their way because of this. Be are all capable of amazing things, whether that be in dance, or in any other area of our lives. Bravo Dance Co. is here to support our students in growing, learning, and excelling in whatever journey they choose.


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