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The Ins & Outs of the Dance Season

August 21, 2018

So you're new to the dance world? You're from a different studio or town? You're just wanting to stay on top of what to expect this year? Then this is for you! :) - you can also watch this in a video form on our Facebook page!

First off, I am here to make sure this experience is enjoyable for not only your dancer, but also for all dance families! So please, ask questions, send emails, etc. There is nothing I hate more than having dance families feel unprepared! I spend so much energy and time putting communications together with the ultimate goal of being 110% transparent, so please ask questions to ensure you're all set to go for whatever is coming next!


Our classes run once a week. If your child is in one class, you will be at the studio once a week! We run Sept 10-May 12, and follow all school holidays! The calendar or the early events, dance days and non-dance days, etc is available on our website (the new year's schedule is always posted by February 1st too, btw!!)


If you're anything like me, mark these dates in your calendar now, then you don't have to worry about life getting busy!! 


We send out a monthly email. (in the first 6 days of each month) with any important upcoming information. 


I reeeeeally try to keep all emails informative, and don't try to fill your inbox with junk. Sooooo, if you have an email from me, chances are you should read it (and not skim and miss things ;) LOL).


Itty Bitty vs Inter/Sr Dancers?? Well all that really sets them apart is competition. Pre-Inter and up will be competing, which is a little more of a time commitment (to simply attend competition). All other studio events (photo day, recital and rehearsal) are required of all dancers! 


Everyone will do recital, everyone will do photos! These items are scheduled February 1st of the previous year so that all families can plan accordingly!


Dress code is important and all over our website :) Find it here


EVERYTHING you need to know is either on our website and in the year-long calendar, or will come in the emails from the studio! If you go through both of these, you will have EVERYTHING you need for a successful and enjoyable year!