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August 27, 2018

Competition... Why do we compete? Who competes? Where do we compete? When? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! That's what this post, and Monday Minute with Miss Meagan is all about :)



We attend competitions, simply put, to become better. We practice and work so hard each week, going on stage at competitions or festivals gives us a chance to show off our hard work, but also get feedback to take back to the classroom to make changes and become better! Not only does this mean we become better dancers, but also better people, as it teaches us to take criticism, it teaches us what to result of hard work and dedication is, it also teaches us what we can achieve as a team!




The "problem" for lack of better term, of competitions is that sometimes we forget that the feedback we receive is one person's opinion. We can take it or leave it, and it does not determine who we are as a dancer, as a team, or as a person. We work with all our competitive groups to ensure we take any feedback we receive and find what we can use from it to become better. It is all in the mindset!!


Competitive dances are the same dance, same costume, etc. so no extra fees except the entry fee (usually $26-28 per dancer per dance). There are no additional rehearsal times outside of weekly classes, too!




At BDC, we have some groups who compete at both the local level and away, some who stay local, some who do an additional optional competition, and some who do not compete at all.


Just the local, Saskatoon Competition: Pre-Inter Jazz A & B, Pre-Inter (comp) Hip Hop, Pre-Inter Ballet, Pre-Inter Tap


Both Saskatoon & Regina: All Intermediate, All Senior


Optional Competition in PA: Solos, Duets, Trios, Small Groups (you will hear from us by mid-October if this competition impacts you!)

We also have some who are slotted to do both Saskatoon and Regina, but the Jr level may not do Regina... LOL. We will determine this as a team so please be prepared to chat about this by mid-October! (Acro, Musical Theatre, Lyrical/Contemporary)


Now.... If your child is registered in a competitive class, but you just are not sure that competition is right for you at this time, that's ok! BUT, I do need to know (see, open communication!!! Love it!). The dances need to be choreographed accordingly and registrations for comps are due mid-fall, so we need to know who is competing and who is not! 




We will be doing the following competitions. We will receive the schedules about 4-6 weeks out. As soon as we receive this info, we will send it out! Promise!


Prince Albert (optional): March 27-31

Spring Stars in Saskatoon: April 2-6

Glam Dance (Regina): April 25-28





We always hold a competition info night in September to ensure you are educated on the topic if you need to make a decision to compete or not! So watch for that!








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