Your First Week (or Two!) of a New Routine

September 18, 2018

Our Monday Minute with Miss Meagan this week is all about your first week or two of a new routine, and not throwing in the towel, even though you might reeeeeeally want to! ;)


So, you had your first dance class experience, and it was far from rainbows and sunshine... Your tiny dancer cried and cried, they wouldn't leave your side, they were a bull in a china shop ALL.CLASS.LONG... Sound familiar?


Well, ya know what? IT HAPPENS! 

Here at BDC, we often joke when people ask if we have children of our own, we say, "Yes. Hundreds of them!". Of course we're joking, but in all honesty, we say this because we care SO deeply about your kiddos that we consider them our own when they are here. So we get it when parents want what is best for their child! We also understand that you don't want them to experience hardship or a tough situation. It's tough to see them cry or feel uncomfortable in a new situation. But, on the same token, we also care so deeply for them, that we'd hate to see them deprived of a learning experience simply based on one bad day. 


I'm not sure about you, but I have my share of day days. Heck, I sometimes have a bad week! And ya know what... it happens! (Huh, seems like a theme today ;) haha)


What happens when we as adults have a bad day? We brush it off, put a smile on our face and try it again next week. Well, this is the same thing we need to instil in our kiddos. 


When I start a new routine, have a change in my life, etc. I need a slight adjustment period. I'm tired, maybe a little grumpy, I might cry and kick my feet in the air (haha, jk... maybe...) but I adjust and get into the swing of things and end up loving the "new normal". Well, I like to think that kiddos need this same adjustment period, but maybe even more of a grace period. We as adults have experience in this adjustment. Children don't and they are still building these skills.


It's important to understand these little minds. It also important to understand that they look to us for leadership and guidance. Show them it's okay, show them they are fine, and lead by example even on those tough days!


We also want to know if your kiddo is having a tough time adjusting. Let us know what's going on, and maybe how we can help. Some children have a little "tick", and you do something to make them feel comfortable that we could do too! Open communication is always the best answer to anything, so please chat with us if needed!


At the end of the day, if a crying ballerina is the worst thing that's gonna happen, YOU'RE DOIN' PRETTY DARN GOOD! 


Deep breath. Adjust. Smile. And embrace these learning moments.




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