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Why 'Our Team' Is So Important

September 24, 2018

Today's Monday Minute with Miss Meagan is a vulnerable one! It's all about why family and team building is so important to us at BDC.


This is something I haven't shared until very recently. The reason I share it now is because it is the one thing that I think has the biggest impact on this area of BDC - family and team-building. I also know that many children today can relate to my experiences and if we can provide a safe place for even one child, we're doing our jobs!


I was bullied. I was bullied a lot. My earliest memory is of Grade One. It progressed from the verbal and emotional bullying to me coming home throughout Grades 4-6 with bruises. I could say I went through a phase, but it was not a phase. It was my entire school career. Sad as it is, I know from working with so many children that it is the reality for many. 


Although I did a lot of different activities in and out of school growing up, dance was "my thing". The dance studio was the space I could go and feel like I belonged and was surrounded by people who appreciated me and were there for the same reasons as I was. I felt I didn't have to fit a mold, I was able to be creative and expressive. It was where I knew I could talk to people who supported me.


So, this is why "family" and "team-building" are SO important to us. We care not only about our dancers as dancers, but also as people. We want these kiddos to be nice people, to be friends, to create relationships. We want a supportive environment and one that children feel they can come to if they need a space away from outside stressors. 

Our sleepovers, fun nights, goal-setting, etc. are all a result of our "why" and are our means to creating these relationships. We believe it is important to provide that space to come together and form these incredible bonds. Let's be honest. some dancers spend one hour a week with us and their team. These extra events are their opportunity to really connect!


Our kick-off event for the season happens this Saturday, September 29th, 2018 at 7:30pm. All competitive age dancers are encouraged to come. It's free, it's fun, and it's so important for our children :)





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