Doing Your Best... What Does That Mean?

October 1, 2018

This week's Monday Minute with Miss Meagan is all about Dong Your Best. We had a sad story come through from another studio that inspired us to share this message with you!



Have you ever felt like you just can't do something? Ever felt like you HAD to do something? I'll be treated differently if I don't, I'll be punished, I'll be made fun of.... The list goes on. 


At BDC, we want you to try your best. That's it! Now, let's clarify... that does not mean stretching to 70% of your ability, or shuffling your feet across the floor during chasses. That means you are stretching to 100% of your ability ALL THE TIME. You are putting 100% of your energy and effort into your steps across the floor. You are thinking and concentrating ALL CLASS LONG! You are there for a reason and are applying yourself to achieving your goals. You might not be there yet, but you will not get there unless you're trying your hardest.


"Growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone"


The example brought to our attention this week was "I can't do the splits, and I'm gonna be in trouble"




Nope, not at BDC. We've all seen the videos of the gymnastics coaches forcing students into splits. We've all cringed at the thought. Did you know, some bodies are actually not made to the the splits. It's just the way it is! No one's fault!


Do we have a problem if you can't do the splits? Nope. Do we have a problem if you sit on your butt while the rest of your team stretches for their splits? You bet we do!


We only ever expect you to be trying your best. That's it, that's all! Whether your best is an oversplit grand jete or a 90 degree straddle split, as long as you're continuing to work and push yourself, we are happy to see you learning and growing :)


I've been loving a quote lately... "Don't try to be the best. Always try your best." That's what we need to remember... in everything, not just dance :)

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