Gender Inequality in Sport

October 8, 2018

This week's Monday Minute with Miss Meagan features Mr Cole! We brought Mr Cole in to talk about his experiences with Gender Inequality in Sport (yes, dance is a sport!).


We see it all the time, whether it happens to us or friends of ours, or it is on social media. Boys in the hockey dressing rooms teasing "twinkle toes", or the parents in the stands "advising" that the girl on the field should tuck in her ponytail so she is tired higher. What?!?! Yep, we all know it happens. But what do you do if it is you, or your kiddo that is the target in these situations?


Mr Cole has been through it. Teasing as he left hickey early to make it to dance practice. showing up late because he was at dance. Missing a tournament because he was at a dance competition. Yep. Been there, done and heard that. 



So What Does He Suggest you Do?


Own it! They only want a reaction. So if you should that what they say doesn't change how you feel about what you're doing, they're gonna stop wasting their time.


Easier said than done...

But consistency is key. Standing up for your kiddo, sharing the positive sides of the sport with the close-minded people causing the trouble... Also VERY important is remembering why you (or your child) love what they do. 


We are all guilty of it... A black cloud comes over us due to other people's opinions and harsh words, and it's hard to see anything else through that darkness... Sitting down with our kiddos and having them reflect on the positives of whatever they are doing is so important to reinforce their reasons for wanting to dance, or play hockey or football!


The Media 


What doesn't help our situation... The media. The need to share articles about football teams who are required to do ballet and yoga. Why is this newsworthy? Why can't this be something that is so widely accepted that it doesn't have to be something that surprises us enough to share it and make it such a big deal?


Let's make it our goal to have society accept boys who dance and girls who play hockey. Let's make it our goal to enlighten close-minded people. Let's make it our goal to lift people up rather than drag them down - and set an example for our kiddos!!




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