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You Didn't Walk When You Were Born???

October 22, 2018

Wait a second.... You mean to tell me that you were not able to walk the moment you were born?! Not even a few days later?? Kay, but you must have been able to the first time you tried, right?! 




No. Of Course Not!! That just sounds bizarre!!!


And now you're wondering... alright Miss Meagan, where is this even going?


I want you to think back to when you were born. No, you probably don't remember, but you can all. probably say the same thing... You were not able to walk right when you were born. When you began to learn how to walk, you probably had to try over and over. You probably fell over and over too! Let's just say, maybe you fell a thousand times before you were able to really walk! Sooo, in essence, you failed a thousand times before you succeeded!! 


Now I want you to think about running. Once you could walk, running came next. You likely tripped and fell a few times before figuring out the whole running thing. You might still trip and fall a few times when you run (and that's ok... life is a work in progress!). 


Now, we're going to shift our mindset a little... When we are learning a new skill, like a pirouette or a Russian Jump, we often start getting discouraged after just a few good tries... We then start getting down on ourselves, we start the negative self-talk, and are convinced we can't do it.